What does it mean to be creative? Is creativity only available to 'artists'?

What makes someone creative?

We talk to people of all walks of life who make a difference through their creativity and engagement. Whether through music, writing, therapy, storytelling, teaching, or just being available to whatever life has to offer, The Quotidian explores those who live at the intersection of the creative energy and everyday life.

You are creative. We want to know how. Reach out and let us know! We want to talk to you, if you use your creative powers to make a difference in people's lives.

Creativity in Everyday Life


Stories of everyday creative heroism

Heroes are found everywhere.

The Quotidian is a podcast dedicated to exploring the depths of the creative spirit in everyday people's lives, to enrich yours.

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The Quotidian is the public voice of Carolina Commons; a platform for teaching, training, and coaching creative processes, dedicated to lifting up the everyday voice of everyday people as an inspiration to guide imagination, creativity, and perseverance.

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Bradley Denis has spent a lifetime performing, traveling the world, and reveling in the presence of the extraordinary beauty of the ordinary. By seeking the spirit of the world in the lives of people everywhere, we reveal the magic of simplicity, good will, and positive change.

Now, as the founder of Carolina Commons, the host of The Quotidian podcast, and a personal coach and consultant, he focuses his energies and creative talents on helping people and communities navigate problem spaces with presence, imagination, and grace.


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